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Starting Karate

How Do I Get Started?
OK, once you have made the decision to join us all you have to do is turn up at one of the classes and speak with the instructor; It’s probably best to arrive about 10¬†minutes before the class starts so that you can have a chat and feel at ease.
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What Should I Wear?
When you arrive you will see everyone wearing a white karate suit, which is called a Gi, pronounced “gee”. Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy one of these to get started,¬† if you decide to join our club, we provide you with a Gi with your membership! However, for your first few lessons all you need to wear is loose fitting clothing . Tracksuit bottoms and a T-shirt are ideal providing that they do not have any zips or anything jagged. Please leave all of your jewellery at home, this includes rings, earrings and necklaces because they may also inadvertently cause harm to you or someone else. And finally, everyone trains in bare feet.

Starting Karate
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